About Us


Knowledge related to plants is often documented. But found in electronic documents as well in which those documents are still only partially presented and the content is still not covered in some other issues, Including the content, there is no integration from various sources of knowledge. Therefore, if the knowledge from various sources is analyzed and compiled into a single subject until diverse content is obtained and covering as many areas as possible which will make the most benefit to those interested, of course.

www.plantforherb.com Was established in June 2019 with the objective of establishing to
1. Gather and disseminate knowledge about plants, especially herbs.
2. Be the center of online sources of knowledge related to all kinds of crops as much as possible.
3. A place to talk and consult on knowledge and academic work.

Knowledge presented is academic and the main application, consisting of diversity in species which can apply applied knowledge in daily life.

Various knowledge that the website team collected from thesis research, articles, journals, academic papers, academic presentations, both as a paper document and electronic documents.

www.plantforherb.com collected the data to analyze the topics that needed to be presented, then blend the content together with the new arrangement to have a variety of content and covers all aspects which will bring the most benefit to the readers. We have compiled the information into various categories.

Hopefully what is offered on the website www.plantforherb.com will continue to benefit those who are interested.